Our Approach

We believe in the philosophy of ‘zero harm’ for all our employees, contractors, and communities. This ensures we go the extra mile by extending our health and safety culture beyond the mine site. From funding healthcare facilities to partnering with non-governmental organisations to deliver educational programs, we have improved access to healthcare and information for the community at large.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero-incident work environment. As a result, we are committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards. We aim to create a culture of shared vigilance in which risks are anticipated, assessed, proactively mitigated and continuously monitored. Best practices are shared, and appropriate action is taken at every level.

Leaders Of Change


Our leaders take ownership for upholding SHE performance. Health and safety is a top priority throughout the organisation and we work together to make safety a way of life.

Key Initiatives



Online web-based safety excellence management system

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Suraksha Card

A digital technology-based initiative to ensure a safe working environment

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Fleet Management System

Online system to view entire fleet

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Regular Health Drives

We ensure regular monitoring and counselling to the high-risk employees to improve their lifestyle and overall health index.

Safety Culture

Safety Culture

We ensure regular safety training workshops and safety line walk through out the organization to sensitize all employees and inculcate a safe and zero harm culture at our workplace.