Our Approach

At Tata Steel Mining, we not only strive to set benchmarks in the Mining and Ferro Alloys industry, but also consciously invest in biodiversity conservation of flora and fauna.

We follow a four tiered approach, which consists of two phases:

The first phase is the ‘development phase’ where we set a vision, objectives and long-term strategies (LTS).

The second phase is the ‘deployment phase’ during which the strategies are converted into action plans through the process of long-term planning (LTP) and annual business planning (ABP).

Today, sustainability and biodiversity are essential elements of how we run our operations. We are tirelessly working on aligning our actions with the National Biodiversity Targets, Aichi Biodiversity Targets and Sustainable Development Goals in order to integrate biodiversity into our business ecosystem and build a better tomorrow for future generations.


We have rolled out Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs) with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), across all our mines.

Environment & Tata Steel Mining

The nature of our operations requires us to depend on natural resources such as land and water. But we do recognise that we have a responsibility to play a leadership role in responding to the environmental challenges we are facing today.

Our approach to the environment is embedded in our purpose and we acknowledge that we have a role in minimising environmental impacts at every stage of our operational activities. Additionally, we are taking lot of steps for the reclamation and rehabilitation of saturated dumps and mined out areas.

Our utmost priority is not just to remain fully compliant with the conditions of our environmental permits and with any other legal requirements that apply within the jurisdictions in which we operate, but to go beyond.

Green Initiatives

We leave no stone unturned  when it comes to contributing towards a greener tomorrow.

Air Management

We have wet drilling as a practice and have focused on Greenbelt development in mines and surrounding colony areas.

Water Management

We treat water waste in an Effluent Treatment Plant before it’s discharged outside plants and mines.

Reclamation & Rehabilitation

As a part of our endeavours to build a greener tomorrow, we’re working on improving the aesthetic value of the reclaimed mines.