30 January, 2023

Reasons to consider TSML among the best ferro chrome manufacturers in india


5 Reasons to consider TSML among the best Ferro chrome manufacturers in India


Keeping in pace with the exponential growth of steel industry, there is a rapid rise of Ferro chrome manufacturers in India. The staggering growth of Ferro chrome plants has significantly contributed to earning India the 2nd lead position in steel production and 3rd in Ferrochrome production.

While India’s Ferro chrome production journey has been impressive and going stronger, it is also undeniable that the market is bustling with many average makers hindering the production of quality steel. This is because such average manufacturers lack systematic production facilities and quality checking which leads to inferior Ferro chrome with high carbon content, unsuitable for steel production. 

So let’s find out what Ferro chrome is:

Ferro chrome (Fe-Cr) is an alloy of 50% iron (Fe) and 70% chromium (Cr). The production process involves carbothermic reduction of iron, magnesium, and chromium oxide under high temperatures of the furnace producing around 2800 degrees C heat. 

Contributing to India’s glorious journey of becoming one of the leading producers of Ferro chrome is TATA Steel Mining Limited (TSML). A pioneering subsidiary of TATA Steel, TSML proudly spearheads the nation’s overall output of Ferro chrome under its integrated facility. Let’s decode the compelling factors that made TSML an undisputed leader in Ferro chrome manufacturing.

Integrated plants

With 8 well-integrated ferro chrome plants and 6 processing centers in 4 states, TSML has a robust integrated value chain from mine to market. Our rich reserve of high-quality chromite mines are our cherished assets in meeting the market demand.

Stringent sustainability

TSML boasts of producing Ferro chrome following a sustainable series of jigging, tailing, and slag crushing to ensure optimum utilization of the resources. Each step of Ferro chrome manufacturing is strictly adhering to a zero metallic loss policy

Low power consumption

Ferro chrome production generally involves exponential power consumption of nearly around 2800 degrees C of heat, which is huge. At the TSML production facility, our expert furnace management team has been consistently saving 3500 KWH over the last five years with the use of efficient smelting and intricate management of raw materials and resources.

We strive to deliver industry-grade Ferro chrome and Ferroalloy powered by the latest eco-friendly technology.

Safe workplace 

All our well-equipped Ferro chrome production plants host a series of cast iron pans placed in cascading manner. This distinct pattern is specifically maintained for the smooth flow of the molten metal down the cascading pans to ensure optimum safety for the workers. Our scientifically designed safe workspace has earned us Kalinga Safety Excellence Award.

Implementing the best of innovation and skill

Our fully automated state-of-art facility has enabled us to produce superior grade Ferro chrome and Ferroalloy. Our intuitive GPS-enabled Supply chain tracking app has simplified the entire logistics ecosystem, while drone-based mining has made mining safer, and easier under strict remote supervision.

Now that you know the potent factors behind our thriving brand name, here we are serving expert answers to some FAQs about Ferro Chrome.

What are the different types of Ferro chrome?

Ferro chrome generally comes in 3 types i.e.

Charge chrome is mostly used for producing stainless steel.

High carbon Ferro chrome is also used for the production of stainless steel and high chromium steel.

Low carbon Ferro chrome” suitable for the production of corrosion-resistant steel and all kinds of machinery.


What are the different grades of Ferro chrome produced by TSML?

TSML, the best Ferro chrome manufacturer in India produces 4 grades of Ferro chrome like

  • TATA Indicrome- HC Ferro chrome (HIGH PHOS)
  • TATA Indicrome- HC Ferro chrome (MED PHOS)
  • TATA Indicrome-HC Ferro chrome (LOW PHOS)
  • TATA Indicrome HC Ferro chrome (LOW SILICON) 

What makes TSML the undisputed ferro chrome producer?

Tata Steel and Mining Limited, popularly known as TSML implements the best of trade practices and innovations to operate on a robust integrated value chain from mines to market. Our innovation-driven operation backed by sustainable mining are the potent factors behind TSML’s status as the leading ferro chrome producers in the country.