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Our Approach

We are leading the world to a sustainable tomorrow.


For us, sustainability is an integral part of our business. It is driven by the​ company’s leadership and has an organization wide governance structure around it​.

Material Issues

We arrived at our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related material issues through an exclusive and extensive stakeholder engagement process​.

Sustainability Performance

There are six capitals that represent the resources and relationships we depend on to create value. We aim to meet our strategic objective by judiciously managing our capitals.

Sustainability Disclosures

We believe in disclosing our sustainability performance transparently through various disclosure platforms such as GRI, IIRC etc.

The Six Capitals

  1. Human Capital

    We focus on three thrust areas across the value chain to build and nurture our human capital- OHS (Occupational Health & Safety), Human Resource Management and Human Rights.

  2. Social and Relationship Capital

    Our long-term relationship with customers, suppliers and communities is key to our business sustainability.

  3. Finacial Capital

    We endeavour to maximise surplus funds from both, business operations as well as relevant monetisation of assets and investments.

  4. Manufactured Capital

    We aim to retain our position as one of the lowest cost steel producers in the world, through improved operational efficiencies and business excellence.

  5. Intellectual Capital

    We aspire to be a pioneer in leading the fourth industrial revolution, and are committed to developing cutting-edge technologies and design solutions that improve efficiency as well as enhance customer experience.

  6. Natural Capital

    We strive for excellence in environmental performance and resource efficiency, to mitigate our ecological footprint.

Our Pillars

Our model of sustainability rests on pillars of safety, biodiversity, and community.

Strategic Objectives

We aspire to be future-ready- structurally, financially and culturally.

Industry Leadership in Mining & Ferro Alloys

We aim to foray into new segments and sustain our #1 position in existing chosen segments.

Consolidate Position as a Global Cost Leader

Our objective is to maintain cost leadership when it comes to market price of raw materials.

Insulate Revenues from Ferro Alloys Cyclicality

We are focused on growing revenue and enhancing downstream business.

Industry Leadership in Safety, Health, Environment & Sustainability

We are determined to create a lasting impact on the communities in our operating areas and achieve a zero-injury workplace.