We are Asia’s largest Chrome Ore deposit mines and use smart mining techniques to extract high quality Chrome Ore, sustainably. We mainly produce 3 grades of Chrome Ore - High Grade Chrome Ore (>52% Cr2O3 Grade), Medium Grade Chrome Ore (40-52% Cr2O3 Grade) and Low Grade Chrome Ore (<40% Cr2O3 Grade), and supply Chrome Ore to all the major Ferro Chrome producers and Refractory manufacturers in India.


  1. High Grade Chrome Ore

    > 52% Cr2O3 Grade

  2. Medium Grade Chrome Ore

    40-52% Cr2O3 Grade

  3. Low-Grade Chrome Ore

    <40% Cr2O3 Grade

With 3 Chrome ore mines we are one of India's major Chrome ore producers

Technology & Innovation

We are constantly innovating to maximize value for customers around the world.

Automated & Smart Mining Operations

Combining AI & automation with conventional mining, we have created a smart mining ecosystem that ensures lesser wastage of natural resources and delivers products of top-notch quality.

Air & Noise Pollution Management

Using a combination of various systems we have tried to control air pollution & noise pollution in mines.


A GPS-enabled mobile tracking application developed to provide us with immediate consignment visibility, with accurate details on departure, arrival, trip history.

Connect with us

Connect with us

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