We are always innovating and adopting modern technologies to ensure our mining activities are efficient and sustainable.

Pioneering Quality

We use leading technologies for quality assurance and process control requirements.


Faster and more sensitive than other technologies, ICP-OES can analyse multiple elements simultaneously. All our Ore samples mandatorily pass through this analysis before they are dispatched to plants and customers.


This small and compact instrument in our quality lab enhances and complements the capability of our lab by rapidly analyzing the Chromium Ore samples. It can analyse multiple elements simultaneously in a very short time.

Digital Initiatives

  1. Safety using onboard video analytics

    Pilot of Video Analytics has been successfully established to make better use of the feed from CCTV cameras.

  2. Connected Workforce powered by Suraksha Card

    With features like location tracking, audio alarm, SOS signaling and geo fencing, this IoT based badge is designed to ensure safety of all TSML and contractor employees working at the mines and in the plant area.

  3. Fastrack

    A GPS-enabled mobile tracking application that provides immediate visibility on the consignment, with accurate details on departure, arrival, location, trip history etc.

Sustainability-Driven Innovation

With a focus on sustainable living and customer needs, we ensure raw material efficiency and conservation through advanced technologies and smart initiatives.

Zero Metallic Loss

At our ferro alloys plants, we strive for zero metallic loss. Through a process that involves a series of jigging, tailing, sand jigging, and slag crushing, we have been able to extract the last part of the metal from the slag too.

Low Specific Power Consumption Technique

Our expert furnace management team at Athagarh has been able to sustain 3500 KWH of power consumption per ton of Ferro Alloys produced, since the last five years using efficient smelting operation along with state of art the raw material management & handling process.

Cast Iron Pans for Safety

Our plants are equipped to handle the hot metal through a series of cast iron pans placed in cascading  system. In 2019, our Athagarh Ferro Alloys plant received the Kalinga Safety Excellence Award (Gold) for its safety performance.

Connect with us

Connect with us

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