As part of the Tata Steel Group, we aim to become a company that is trusted and respected by people around the world. A key element of our success includes adherence to the Group’s values of integrity, compassion and transparency.

With a focus on value creation, we combine our talent and technology to create superior products that contribute to the betterment of the world. Leaving a positive impact on the communities we touch and the environment we work with.

We are committed to maximizing shareholder value legally, ethically and on a sustainable basis. Satisfying the spirit of the law and maintaining a high degree of disclosure towards every stakeholder.





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CSR Policy
Affirmative Action Policy
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RFTL Order
Annual Return Form No. MGT-7
EC Compliance - Sukinda Chromite Block April 21 to Sept 21
EC Compliance - Saruabil Chromite Block April 21to Sept 21
EC Compliance - Kamarda Chromite Block April 21 to Sept 21
EC Compliance - FAP Athagarh Apr 21 to Sept 21

ISO certificates

TSML ISO 45001 Certificate – Health & Safety Management
TSML ISO 14001 Certificate – Environment Management
TSML ISO 9001 Certificate – Quality Management
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Connect with us

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